About Jill K Thomas
Hypnotist Jill Thomas

As a Certified Hypnotherapist, intuitive coach and clairvoyant, Jill K Thomas guides clients to the core of their most debilitating issues, helping them create personal transformation and lasting joy. Throughout her 18 years of professional experience, Jill has helped thousands of people realize lifestyle and wellness goals they could never before achieve, including losing weight, overcoming phobias, healing toxic relationships, enhancing athletic performance, and attracting prosperity and success.

Jill is also a published author, maintains the popular blog Confessions of a Hypnotherapist, and has appeared on numerous radio shows. Her books which include “The High Income Healer”, “Tales from the Trance” and her well-known weight loss book “Feed Your Real Hunger: Getting Off the Emotional Treadmill that Keeps You Overweight” are available now on Amazon.com.

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Not sure hypnotherapy is for you? Here’s what you need to know

I’ve helped people break through a lot of stubborn blocks, but no matter what my clients are dealing with, it comes down to the same feeling—being stuck instead of moving forward.

Hypnotherapy may not be the first tool you think of to get unstuck. After all, you’ve probably seen hypnosis portrayed as either a Vegas act or some creepy form of mind control. In reality, it is neither of those things!

Hypnosis is a simple but powerful mental state that lets you enlist your subconscious mind to support your conscious needs and desires.

When your mind is fully on your side, you can accomplish goals you’ve never been able to before.

Hypnosis goes back to the healing temples of ancient Egypt, but it’s also a thoroughly modern therapy. The American Medical Association approved hypnosis in 1958. Since then, hypnotherapy has become popular to help people conquer their deepest limits.

Still not convinced? Actually, you’re already familiar with hypnosis. We all go through these “altered states of consciousness,” or brain wave levels, at least twice each day: when we first wake up and when we go to sleep.

A certified hypnotherapist helps you access these natural brain waves intentionally, to harness them for personal transformation.

Answers to common hypnosis questions

1) Does a hypnotized person go to sleep or lose touch with reality?
Nope! Don’t expect to become unconscious during your session (as nice as a deep nap might be). Even if you do enter a light state of sleep this doesn’t mean you weren’t hypnotized. Light and medium states of hypnosis are actually more effective for therapy than deeper levels.

2) Can you make me do things I don’t want to do?
No—contrary to what you’ve seen on TV, hypnosis can’t make you do something that’s against your morals or self-interest. I’ll simply guide you through a process to tap into the power of your own mind to create your desired change.

3) Isn’t hypnosis for weak-willed people?
This one is definitely a myth! The point of hypnotherapy is to get your subconscious mind on board with your conscious goals. So the more strong-willed, intelligent and imaginative you are, the better your results will be.

4) Aren’t some people immune to hypnosis?
Hypnotic states happen naturally to all of us, so there is no such thing as a person who can’t be hypnotized. Before you know it, you’ll come out of your session feeling relaxed, at ease and ready to go after your biggest goals and dreams.

5) Is hypnosis magic?
Though the results may seem almost magical, hypnotherapy is based on science. Researchers have confirmed it’s an effective form of therapy.

6) Sweet, so can hypnotherapy fix me overnight and replace all my other forms of care?
Alas, no. Hypnotherapy is powerful, but it’s not meant to be used in place of medical or psychiatric care. And while some things can be resolved in one session, several sessions are best in most cases. But I promise you really can see results—all you have to do is be willing to try!

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