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Dream of having a flourishing and fulfilling practice as a healer, but are wrestling with the “business of healing”?


Dream of having a flourishing and fulfilling practice as a healer,
but are wrestling with the “business of healing”?

Countless healers today are stuck in jobs they hate—doing what they love at night, in fits and starts. Others are practicing their craft but struggling to make ends meet. And some never get off the ground because they have no idea how and where to start. Sound familiar?

What do they all have in common?

They’re far better healers than businesspeople.
Yet, to succeed in a healing profession today, you have to be BOTH.

Enter The High Income healer, written by Jill K. Thomas, a thriving 18-year certified hypnotherapist and successful solopreneur, who, over the years, found herself fielding endless questions from colleagues about the “business” of healing.

She quickly realized there was a huge need, not only for solid, practical nuts-and-bolts info, but also for guidance in banishing the limiting beliefs about money that keep so many healers strapped and struggling. In The High Income Healer, you’ll learn:

  • The basics of business start-up, pricing and workflow planning
  • Anxiety-free sales, marketing, advertising and networking
  • How to effectively communicate your value, and most importantly...
  • How to develop a "Money Mindset" that will have abundance flowing freely to you

Add in “barrier-busting” journaling exercises, practical action steps, and straight-shooting advice—all delivered with Jill’s empowering “you-can-do this!” guidance—and you’ll be quickly powering through blocks on the way to living your “healing dream.”

Ready to thrive as a healer, while shaving years off your “ramp-up” to profitability? Use The High Income Healer to boost your confidence as both a healer and a business person, as you build a practice that supports you—not just your clients!

What people are saying
"Healers too often are focused solely on the healing process and dismiss the entrepreneurial side of healing as a business. As a result they unknowingly limit their ability to reach many who need their services. A must read for any healer who wishes to expand their gift further out into the world."
Teresa Anne Palmer, MSN, RN - Author of “Heal Your Heart from Within”

Jill Thomas has tapped into something so important for those that consider themselves healers and want a spiritually based business. This is that it is a business and you deserve to receive a financial exchange that reflects the level of income that you see fit for yourself. In her book ‘The High Income Healer’ Jill also gives the reader useful tools and growth work to assist the reader in setting up their business in a way that brings not only financial rewards, but also personal fulfillment. There is an exchange that occurs in all services, and in fact all of life and being in the healing profession and defining oneself as a healer is not different. Jill brings her insight and wisdom from her life experience to the reader in ways that are easily understandable; as well as easily applied.
Michele Meiche – Spiritual Life Coach & Transpersonal Hypnotherapist Host of the podcast ‘Awakenings with Michele Meiche’

With her practical advice and wicked sense of humor, Jill Thomas guides the budding healer through the process of starting a business, confronting inner (and outer) blocks to success, and thriving in one’s chosen field of expertise. I wish I’d had this book when I was starting out as an intuitive astrologer! Jackleen Holton - Astrological Life Coach

Thank you for writing this book Jill! Your book is written in a casual writing style which makes it an easy read, yet it is basically a Business Plan for Success. I hope every Holistic Health Practitioner reads this so they can help as many people as possible be happy and healthy.
Lisa Bentson - Former president of Leads club international, Entrepreneur, Author and Podcast host

Are you excited to start your own healing business? Great, READ THIS BOOK! Don’t waste precious time and energy reinventing the wheel. This book is full of practical advice and direction to help you get your business started.
Kelly O’Tillery Astrologer - Author of The Guide to a Happy Pet, Creating a Loving

Jill walks you step-by-step on what you need to do to be financially successful while helping others live their best life. Learn from Jill's missteps, save a lot of time and invest in yourself by getting this book today!
Georgette Todd - Author of Foster Girl, a Memoir & Host of The Georgette Todd Podcast on Spotify and YouTube

Jill K Thomas has written an indispensable guide for anyone wishing to establish a healing practice or to grow their existing healing business. High Income Healer is chock full of practical business and marketing advice, but just as important, it is a handbook for overcoming the limiting personal beliefs and programming that keep so many healers from being successful. Written with humor, inspiration, and Jill's own stories of working with clients, anyone in the healing arts will surely find much usable information in this book.

Read this book with a pen and highlighter in hand--then keep it on your desk as a reference you'll return to again and again.
Judith Balian - Adjunct Marketing Professor and Author of Your Mind on Marketing

Jill Thomas

As a Certified Hypnotherapist, intuitive coach and clairvoyant, Jill K Thomas guides clients to the core of their most debilitating issues, helping them create personal transformation and lasting joy. Throughout her 18 years of professional experience, Jill has helped thousands of people realize lifestyle and wellness goals they could never before achieve, including losing weight, overcoming phobias, healing toxic relationships, enhancing athletic performance, and attracting prosperity and success.