Hypnotist Jill K Thomas

Don't Lose Hope Before Reading This Book!!

In this short, easy-to-read mini-book, Jill K Thomas, CHT, author of Feed Your Real Hunger: Getting off the Emotional Treadmill that Keeps You Overweight, draws on her unique skills and long-standing work with clients to offer a refreshing perspective on the age-old struggle to lose weight. Having triumphed in her own personal battle with obesity, Jill is passionate on the subject. Through her hypnotherapy/intuitive healing practice, she has helped literally hundreds of individuals conquer overeating and other self-defeating habits.

Candid, funny, and informative, Jill explains why FOOD-simple fuel for our bodies-turns into such a PROBLEM for us, and more importantly, what we can do about it! Learn novel solutions to common stumbling blocks and get clarity on some (fat-)burning questions:

  • Why can't I stick to a diet?
  • What should I know before I try to lose weight?
  • What works, and what doesn't?
  • Why do I have sugar cravings, and how can I keep from giving in?
  • Will I ever be able to eat a cookie again?
  • Which food plan will work for me?

Losing Weight: A Small Slice of the Big Chocolate Cream Pie is a POWERFUL distillation of the wins, losses, and wisdom gained by Jill and her many successful clients. You'll never think of losing weight in quite the same way-once you find out why it really IS just a small slice of the big pie!