Jill is a gifted Clairvoyant, Intuitive spiritual counselor, vocal channel, medium and intuitive hypnotherapist. Jill Connects with her clients spirit guides to deliver messages from spirit on relationships, personal and professional success and creating lasting joy. Her tremendous popularity as a psychic reader at a metaphysical bookstore has led her to now offer intuitive readings to her hypnotherapy clients.

7 Things you need to know about Psychic Readings

  1. Every reader has different skills: Most of us do multiple things but not everything is our “specialty”. For me I specialize in connecting with the client’s spirit guides so if you really want to connect with your father on the other side look for a good medium.

  2. Mediumship and Channeling are two different things: Mediumship is bringing through messages from a deceased relative. Channeling is typically bringing through messages from a higher-level spiritual being like a guide. Often one who has never had a body unlike your deceased beloved uncle. The confusion often comes in because some people use the term “Channel” to say a person is channeling a deceased relative which is really a “Medium” rather than a channel.

  3. 20 minutes is a bit too short: Lots of readers offer short 20-minute readings which are good if you just have 1 or 2 pressing questions. But it takes a bit of time to tune in and as the reading progresses the information really starts to flow. A 30-45-minute reading is ideal to get the best and most useful information.

  4. Come with questions: Your guides love to answer questions. Asking your most pressing questions first helps you and your reader get connected and tune into what you most need to know. You can ask the question “What do I need to know” later but at least start with a few hard questions.

  5. Don’t ask us when your birthday is: That is a parlor trick and not how spirit or any good reader works. Imagine your guide doing all the work of planting the seed in your head to get you to a reading so they can tell you to write that book you need to write and instead you ask the reader to tell you what kind of car you drive. Trust me, spirit would much rather tell you about your life’s purpose.

  6. Don’t ask a question that you don’t really want to know the answer to: The question “Is he cheating” is a great example of this. Understand also that the answer to that question isn’t really that helpful. If you are feeling neglected and unsatisfied in your relationship you really need to look at how to support yourself so you can feel better.

  7. Most Importantly a Reading is about love: Your guides love you; I hear that from every guide I connect with. That is always the very first and very last message they want me to convey. As readers its about love for us as well since we do this because we know how much it can help people get through a rough patch, make a tough decision and understand themselves better and that for many of us is why we do this. Know that you are important, you are loved, and we would love to see you come in for a reading sometime. And don’t forget to Bring some questions!

An intuitive session with Jill is accurate, fun and inspiring, book yours today!