Intuitive Readings

Jill is a gifted Clairvoyant, Intuitive spiritual counselor, vocal channel, medium and intuitive hypnotherapist. Jill Connects with her clients spirit guides to deliver messages from spirit on relationships, personal and professional success and creating lasting joy. Her tremendous popularity as a psychic reader at a metaphysical bookstore has led her to now offer intuitive readings to her hypnotherapy clients.

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Akashic Records Readings

Akasha is a place that you can access with your mind. It’s where your souls’ blueprint is stored and it contains information on your all your souls’ pasts, presents and future as well as information on possibilities that have not yet been created. Access to this blueprint can help you gain greater clarity on what is possible for you and how to get there.

Visiting this place by getting an akashic records reading can also help you:

  • Create a better connection with your spirit guides as they are the guardians of the records
  • Understand yourself and your life’s purpose better
  • Get the “next steps” to help you move forward more efficiently on your life’s path
  • Answer questions about your past lives

How they are different

Psychic readings tend to focus on the here and now of what’s happening in your world in this time and place or in the not-so-distant future. Akashic records readings are about the big picture of “What is my life’s purpose?” “How do I achieve my goal of…?” “Why does ..this that or the other thing I don’t like…keep happening and what can I do to shift that energy?” In short those readings are less about “should I be dating Bob or Bill?” and more about “Why am I drawn to Bob and Bill?” or “How can I change so that I can open up to finding my most ideal match easily?” or “Have I known Bob and Bill in a past life?” you have by the way I can already tell.

Akashic records readings and Intuitive readings are different, but they are similar enough that you can’t go wrong by choosing either but below is a basic idea of what types of questions to ask.

Intuitive Reading: When or will XYZ happen? How does someone feel about me? What’s going on with my job? Basically, What and when Type questions. Readings are about information and direction.

Akashic Records Reading: Life’s purpose? What will make my soul happy? What should I do about..? How do I get XY and Z? Basically, How and Why type questions.

Hypnotherapy: Solving problems and uncovering blocks. If your mission is about uncovering your unconscious blocks to things like success and money Hypnotherapy is the way to go. On readings I connect with your spirit guides and your guides don’t see things as “Blocks” but rather not being aligned to that thing you want. The actual unconscious beliefs that are interfering with you creating that thing you want come up in a hypnotherapy session not in a reading.

There are no wrong choices here and all of these sessions are very therapeutic so at the end of the day its best to go with what you are most drawn to and trust that you will get exactly what you need.

Virtual Readings Price Session Length    
Intuitive Reading (30 Minutes)              $90       30 minutes
Intuitive Reading (45 Minutes) $115 45 minutes
Intuitive Reading (55 Minutes)              $135       55 minutes
Akashic Records Reading (45 Minutes)              $145       45 minutes

All major credit cards accepted.