6 Benefits of Hypnotherapy from Home

Yes, you read that right! It's hard to believe that you can change your life with hypnotherapy from the comfort of your own home. Here's 7 reasons why I want you to stay home and work virtually with me:

1. You don't have to worry about getting ready to come see me. (Not that I would ever judge you). But it's often human nature, when you leave your home to start to focus on your appearance, whether it be what you're wearing, how your hair looks or even if you should wear that special necklace.

When you're in your own home, feeling relaxed and safe, you tend to give more honest and real answers to my questions, which makes for a much more effective session.

2. If you have kids, there is no need to get a costly babysitter or be stressed about getting out of the house or what is happening while you're gone.

3. Because I do it from my home too, I can offer later hours than I would be able to offer at my office, so it's more convenient you. If you work, you can go home, relax and then we can get to work. Or if you have kids, we can schedule our call after they're asleep!

4. Traffic, traffic, traffic. Let's keep your hour session to just that - no need to worry about the 30 minutes it takes to get to me in traffic. We jump on a call at the scheduled time and when we're done - you're already home! Heck, you could be in your pjs for all I know!!

5. It's often easier for me to tune in if it's just a voice rather than a nervous client sitting across for me. Personally, for me on the intuition side, and this is especially true if a client is booking a reading.

6. You get the most out of your time. No need to deal with any issues or fears you have to get to an office appointment. For some there is a fear of driving, fear of being late and so on. When we start a phone appointment, you haven't had to deal with these fears and you're more open to the changes we want to achieve.

How It Works

I offer it virtual session two ways:

ZOOM Video
With Video via Zoom which is like Skype only unlike Skype it actually works, is reliable and easy to use.

A phone call, which makes it possible for clients to even do sessions in their car on their lunch breaks, though not while driving it please!

Interesting Facts

Most clients to try a virtual appointment, even those who live nearby, never go back to in person because they like it so much better.

I see clients literally around the world this way and its very effective. Most hypnotherapists, including myself, find that clients actually do BETTER with a virtual appointment for many of the reason stated above.

People often think that a phone appointment means they will miss that personal connection that happens in a session. But, it's not true, it's like a warm fuzzy phone call only the client literally gets to be in their warm fuzzy pajamas if they like. The session is really about the client, (not me) and by having them in their own space makes it 100% about them and not the stuff in my office.