Change your mind change your body:

Stop emotional eating in 30 days

This is the companion program to the 30 day habit reset and builds on what you learned in that program and helps you heal your emotional eater

Do you feel as though your emotional eating is ruining your chances of losing weight?

Is your inner "Saboteur" making you hungry every time you start to lose weight?

Do you feel out of control when it comes to food?

I know how you feel I have been there. I used to weigh 220 pounds and I used hypnosis to help me lose 70 pounds and keep it off for good. I created this program to help people like yourself end emotional eating and lose weight for good.

After all weight loss isn’t about a "diet". You’ve tried that, you know it doesn’t work. Permanent weight loss is about healing your emotional eater so that you can lose weight and keep it off forever.

This program is full of tips and tools that I usually only give to my private clients.

This program will help you:

  • Wake up every day knowing you look and feel your best
  • Let go of past traumas that keep you going back to food for comfort
  • Handle life without the fear of not being enough and eating your way through it
  • Choose self-love as your "go to" state and stop sabotaging yourself with food

What’s included:

4 Weekly Life Changing Lessons

4 Hypnotic Meditations designed to help you replace the habit of emotional eating with self love and happiness.

Gentle yet powerful, this guidance will encourage you to achieve the body and lifestyle you have always wanted.

Bonus material:
  • Free copy of my eBook "Feed your real hunger; getting off the emotional treadmill that keeps you overweight" $12 value
  • Recommended reading checklist $25 Value

I created this inexpensive program so that everyone can get the help they need in the comfort of their own home. You deserve to have the body and life you have always wanted. With this program you can heal your emotional eater so permanent weight loss becomes possible.