Change your mind change your body:

30 Weight Loss Habit Reset program

Do you feel as though you know what you should be doing to lose weight but you just aren’t doing it?

Do you start a new diet, do great for a few days then fail spectacularly?

Have you lost weight before only to gain it all back, with interest?

I know how you feel I have been there. I used to weigh 220 pounds and I used hypnosis to help me lose 70 pounds and keep it off for good. I created this program to help people like yourself create healthy habits they can stick to and lose weight for good.

After all weight loss isn’t about a "diet". You’ve tried that, you know it doesn’t work. Permanent weight loss is about changing your habits so you can make healthy changes permanent.

This program is full of tips and tools that I usually only give to my private clients.

This program is designed to help you:

  • Reprogram your mind so that making healthy choices becomes habit
  • Help you feel "Full" with far less food
  • Learn to love exercise and make it a life long practice
  • Discover how to reset your metabolism

What’s included:

4 Weekly habit resetting Lessons

4 Hypnotic Meditations designed to help you replace the habits that don’t work with positive healthy ones that do.

Gentle yet powerful, this guidance will encourage you to achieve the body and lifestyle you have always wanted.

Bonus Material:
  • Free Sugar cravings lesson and sugar craving buster meditation $50 Value
  • Free copy of my 50-page eBook "Weight loss; a small slice of a huge chocolate crème pie" $15 Value
  • Recommended reading checklist to further your understanding of the Wight loss process $25

You deserve to have the body and life you have always wanted. With this program you can change your habits so weight loss becomes possible.

Start your healing journey today.